Where Technology and Engineering meet…


Architecturephoto for the cover of the book: Proceedings ‘High Tech Concrete, Where Technology and Engineering meet’, Dick Hordijk, Maastricht, Dutch Concrete Assocation 12-14 juni. Bridge De Lentloper engineer Laurent Ney at Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

photo-exhibition ‘Architecture & Light’: a lot of positive energy…

Many positive comments to our DAPh-exhibition of 12 large format photo’s on the walls of Architect@Work. Two days with DAPh colleagues Imre Csány, Jan Paul Mioulet, Katja Effting, Hennie Raaijmakers and new member Toon Grobet. Meeting our relations, seeing REM, listening to Daan Roosegaarde and having a good time together!

Architectural photography exhibition: all over the world

Onze nieuwe expositie, samengesteld door DAPh Dutch Architectural Photographers, start 27 april op Architect@Work in Kortrijk. Deze foto-expositie ‘Architecture & Light’ gaat daarna de gehele wereld over.